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Terms and Conditions of Business

Our aim is to ensure your dog/s is/are kept safe, healthy, and comfortable and to make the groom as stress free and relaxing as possible while they are in our care. No procedures including anal gland expression, combing out of a very matted coat or nail trimming will be carried out if they cause stress or pain to your dog.

1) De-matting And Clipping Off. If a dog is very matted and cannot be de-matted without causing unnecessary stress then we will contact you to ask your permission to clip off the coat. This will give you an opportunity to start again with your dog’s coat. Matted coats cause all kinds of health problems including itching, sores, irritation, and various other skin conditions. However, clipping off a matted coat has risks of abrasions, sores or cuts. Moisture can also get trapped under a heavily matted coat which can cause bacteria to grow. “The Waggy Wash” 28 Engine Common Lane cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing conditions that exist prior to the grooming procedure and have been caused by a matted coat.

2). Previous Medical Conditions: When you hand over your dog to us you must advise us of any medical, physical and or behavioural issues. Such conditions are and not limited to: previous surgery, hip or joint problems, cysts, moles, warts, ear infections, allergies, sensitivities, skin conditions, epilepsy, and aggression towards people. “The Waggy Wash” cannot be held responsible for such conditions and will act accordingly with the information provided prior to the groom.

3). Older Dogs: With older dogs we will endeavour to work with their limited mobility and fatigue and if this incurs extra time then this will be charged for. Older dogs are at higher risk of an adverse reaction to grooming and stress. On occasions the stress may be deemed enough for the dog so we will contact you to collect your dog early to reduce that stress on them.

4). Injury: We endevour to avoid and prevent harm or injury but very occasionally accidents do happen, or we become aware of a health condition. In this event we will contact you and take your dog to your or the nearest vet which ever is the closest or available.

5). Behavioural: “The Waggy Wash” offers one to one grooming so is always a calm and relaxed atmosphere. However, some dogs may show signs of discomfort at being handled and or groomed. On such occasions “The Waggy Wash” may use a muzzle and or restraints to ensure the safety of the dog and the groomer. We reserve the right to refuse to groom a dog prior to grooming, during and for subsequent planned grooms.

6). Vaccinations: The Waggy Wash has a strict cleaning regime to prevent cross contamination between dogs. All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations to include Canine – Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Hepatitis, Kennel Cough, Leptospirosis. We cannot be held responsible for any illness or disease that your dog may encounter.

7). Appointments, Cancellations And No Show Policy: All cancellations must be informed more than 24 hours in advance or we hold the right to charge 50% of the cost of the groom. If you do not inform us and do not turn up for your appointment, we hold the right to charge you full price for the groom.

8). Collection And Drop Off Time: All groom visits are by appointment only. Owners must turn up and collect their dogs at the agreed time. Where a time has not been given, we will contact you 20 minutes before the end of the groom to inform you what time to collect. Late collection will be charged at £5 for every 15 minutes.

9). Photographs: We sometimes take photos of dogs before, during and after a groom. In this event they remain the property of “The Waggy Wash”. We may use them to promote the business.

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