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Oh no another Lockdown!!!!

It's January 2021 and it's happened again and everyone is confused as to what they can and can't do!!!! So what's changed at The Waggy Wash. Goals were set to bring ensure a COVID safe groom,

I work from home.

Dog's are groomed one to one with no other groomer or visitor on site

All dogs are groomed by appointment only and pick up is at a time not to coincide with others

Equipment is disinfected and or sterilised between grooms to ensure a COVID safe environment

I wash my hands, before, during and after grooming

We have a handover protocol where I meet you at the gate, wearing a mask and use my own lead

So what are we the latest rules?

I can accept your dog for a groom for welfare reasons only. What this means is that you should not travel to me if your dogs coat just needs a little trim off to stop it dragging in the mud or maybe your dog just smells and you want him or her to be clean. So, if it's just for aesthetic reasons then we have to wait until the rules change.

What is considered to be a welfare need?

Excessive Matting

Skin conditions especially where it's on a vets' advice

If you want advice on how to look after your dog's coat or any advice as to whether your dog needs a groom for their welfare, please give me a call and we can chat through the options.

Keep safe and well

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